Do you want to find out the causes of your ailments?

Many people think ailments are “normal”. In advertising, there are antidotes being promoted conducive to self-medication. It is amply tempting to want to self-diagnose. Especially since many remedies available can improve some of the symptoms for a short time.

In the long run, however, causes can stay concealed. Therefore, any ailments should always be put in perspective – and should also be looked at as a possible reflection of interplay between organ and digestive disorders and infections.


  • Do I sleep badly?
  • Do I have pains in joints?
  • Do I feel stiff and immobile in the morning?
  • Do I feel tired and shattered during the day?
  • Do I feel unwell?
  • Do I have migraine or other recurrent headaches?
  • Do itching or other skin diseases bother me?
  • Do I often have loose stool, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and sensations of pressure in the stomach or intestines?
  • Is there some food that I do not tolerate well?
  • Do I feel bumps, dimples or depressions if I run along with the tongue on the lower lip or on the cheek?
  • Is my tongue frequently swollen or not even in form and colour?
  • Do I have frequent cystitis?
  • Have I already had to take antibiotics frequently?
  • Were causes for my symptoms and diseases not found up to now?

You have answered some of these questions with “Yes”?

And medical measures have changed nothing up to now or not a lot? Then it is worthwhile to track down and to treat the causes of your symptoms and diseases with a system. We will gladly help you with this.


Allergies and intolerances, cystitis and nephritis, burnout and chronic fatigue, arthralgias, skin disorders, headaches and migraine, sleep disorders, digestion problems – all these diseases and her symptoms have one thing in common: For a chance at health, all their causes must be examined and be treated thoroughly. Normamed breaks new ground here.


Examination and treatment of infections with yeasts, bacteria, parasites and viruses

Many infections often go undetected or are neglected before the onset of a disease. However, many of the apparent ailments – such as digestion, sleep, concentration, headaches and joint pains, fluctuations in body temperature, skin disorders, food intolerances and allergies – can be signs of infection.

The examination and treatment of infections with pathogens such as bacteria, pathogenic yeasts and parasites requires a great deal of expertise and experience in microbiology and laboratory analysis. Normamed supports the attending physicians with system and methodology.


Examination and treatment of organ disorders

Normamed has combined the medical findings of Western science and Eastern medicine to form an important component of a causal medical care – which is what is the base of Normamed-method.

When treating organs, Normamed medicine gives special attention to the fine regulation of digestion, the optimisation of the functions of the spleen and gallbladder, the involvement of other organs (such as the kidneys and liver).

Pay attention to causes and interactions

Infections and dysfunctions of the organs form a system of dependencies and interactions. This must be taken into account when examining ailments and disease patterns and when treating them.