General Terms and Conditions and special Terms of Use for participants in the Normamed method.

1. General

Normamed is a medically-oriented, independent and sustainability-driven method of Normamed S.A.. It comprises the support of the physician care through quality assurance offers within the scope of the development of a new electronic infrastructure for patients and doctors.

Normamed allows the optimisation of medical diagnostics and treatment through automated evaluation of medical data. Within the scope of the Normamed performances, physician / medical and non-physician / non-medical services are rendered. Users can take advantage of services for years, as required and according to assessment by an attending physician. This involves, for example, the services of the collection, organisation and archiving of medical data, but also medical services provided that these are rendered by a doctor acting within the scope of Normamed (e.g. evaluation of patient history findings, creation of recommendations on diet. treatment recommendations). The medical services are so-called individual health performances.

These are performances of prevention and service medicine that are not refunded by the legal health insurance (GKV) because they do not belong to the catalogue of services of the GKV. These diagnosis and treatment methods are offered to public health care patients and must be paid by them themselves if they use them. Private health insurances may refund individual Normamed health performances.

2. Recording your patient history data

The creation of a base patient history is necessary for participation in the Normamed method. Your answers to questions about your health condition, your patient history and your current symptoms are the requirements for all other sensible steps within the scope of the Normamed method. After establishment of contact with a Normamed-certified medical care centre, Normamed S.A. makes available to you a detailed patient history questionnaire on-line.

Your patient history data includes highly confidential information. That is why Normamed S.A. is legally obliged to obtain your written consent for the storage of your data. Without your written consent, the storage of your patient history data and therefore the use of the Normamed method is not possible. You give the consent with the conclusion of a treatment contract with a care centre certified by Normamed. See also our special data protection information.

3. Other performances

After archiving a patient history (e.g. basic patient history, supplementary patient history), Normamed renders other performances if necessary (if necessary e.g. patient history evaluation, consultation about sample collection, creation of diet plans, hygiene consultation etc.). If this concerns a medical service, like for example the evaluation of your patient history data, a treatment contract is concluded with one of your desired Normamed doctors. Normamed supports you with the selection of a doctor. However, you are not bound to work with a Normamed doctor, but within the scope of your free choice of doctor you can make your data accessible also to any other doctor of your choice.

All contracts that you may enter into through your respective order with Normamed, you can revoke according to the statutory requirements.

4. Liability for contents

a) General

As a registered user, you may have access to far-reaching information on the website of Normamed. This information does not concern medical advice / consultation for the purposes of the law. It serves exclusively for general information purposes and is not a purchase or use recommendation for drugs or health products. For health problems, a doctor you trust should always be visited. The contents of the Normamed information may not be used for the creation of independent diagnoses / treatments. Normamed assumes no liability for damages that originate through the use of the information on the website of Normamed.

The Normamed method is an independent method, which, however, you can only use together with your doctor. In addition, if you want to use the Normamed method together with your doctor, these special Terms of Use apply. Normamed S.A. expressly reserves the right to change, add to, or delete parts of the pages or the whole offer without separate announcement, or discontinue the publication temporarily or permanently.

b) Important note

The evaluation of your patient history data and other explicit medical services (e.g. medical diet plans, treatment plans, drug recommendations etc.) concerns medical consultation performances of the prophylaxis, the diagnosis and the therapy. The personally attained impression of the patient is essential for a medical diagnosis and therapy. Therefore, the professional standards for doctors forbid the exclusive diagnosis and therapy without personal contact with the patient. We expressly point out that the Normamed method is a method which is intended as support for you and your treating physician. Consultancy services that may be provided by your Normamed doctor on-line cannot replace a personal presentation to your doctor. The statements provided can only be the basis of medical treatment through a thorough study by a physician with the inclusion of other personal information about you as a patient.

As an independent standardised method, the Normamed method comprises, for example, the detection of diseases caused by pathogens and is primarily preventive in this regard and is oriented non-invasively. By using the Normamed method, you can make a valuable contribution in advance of a personal medical consultation and treatment, to gain certainty about the nature of perceptible but still concealed infections, which can be effective in the course of a treatment.

5. Availability of your health data, Liability

Patient history data, evaluations and all of the performances rendered by Normamed S.A. and your doctor may be stored later in your Normamed archive, your personal medical file. According to the professional standards for doctors, your doctor is obliged to keep each patient’s file for a duration of 10 years. The electronic medical file is not part of such a patient’s file. If your treating doctor would then like to take information from the medical file into his patient’s file, you will then find in your electronic medical file the instructions on how to print the information.

Normamed S.A. strives to offer the best possible uninterrupted website for retrieval and to grant to you access to your personal medical file at any time. However, even with great care, down-times, technically-induced transmission delays or the loss of data cannot be excluded, which is why Normamed S.A. cannot guarantee the uninterrupted usability and accessibility of the website, as well as the lasting storage of your data.

6. Contents of cross-linked sites

As a registered user, you have access to far-reaching information on the website of Normamed. The offer of Normamed contains links to external websites of third parties, on whose contents Normamed has no influence. The respective provider or operator is always responsible for the contents of the cross-linked websites. For the contents, availability, trueness, accuracy or topicality of these websites or their offers, Normamed takes over no responsibility.

7. Copyright

The contents, text and images published on the Normamed website are protected by copyright. Normamed S.A. owns the right of ownership or usage rights for all contents of this website. Contents may not be copied, reproduced and distributed without the written approval of Normamed S.A..

8. Discussion forums

Normamed S.A. offers to its users, and the users of the Normamed method in future, to share their opinions and experiences on special sites that are operated by Normamed S.A.. To participate in these forums, the respective special Terms of Use there shall apply.

9. Other

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply for all contracts concluded with Normamed S.A.. To the extent permitted, the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes originating in connection with Normamed is the headquarters of Normamed S.A. in Berlin.

The special Terms of Use and the General Terms and Conditions are a part of the Normamed internet offer of Normamed S.A. for registered users and part of the contracts that you conclude with Normamed or a medical care centre or doctor licensed by Normamed. If you do not agree with the conditions cited on top for the performances rendered through Normamed, we ask you to leave this website.