Aldejohann, Alexander Maximilian/Herz, Michaela/Martin, Ronny/Walther, Grit/Kurzai, Oliver
Emergence of resistant Candida glabrata in Germany
Oxford University Press

Candida glabrata, urine isolate, SG margin, 400x magnification, contrast

Candida albicans, stool isolate, SG margin, 400x resolution

Candida lipolytica, nail isolate, 1 day, rice, magnification 400x, contrast

Isolates; EUCAST test; anidulafungin-resistant; mutations; glucan synthase; coding TCS genes; mutation sites; anidulafungin MICs; TCS wild-type (WT); interpretation breakpoint; TCS WT isolates; anidulafungin MICs; target gene mutations; echinocandin-resistant strains; fluconazole resistance; bloodstream infections; bloodstream infections; Ser-663; C. glabrata strains; Germany; phenotypic echinocandin testing; misclassification; echinocandin resistance

Check-ups for pathogenic yeasts

Causal medical examination and treatment of pathogenic fungal infections.