Aranbin, H./Malicke, H. (1983)
„mykorapid” – mykologische Schnelldiagnostik in der Gynäkologie
In: Hrsg. von Ernst Giebeler, Pilze in Medizin und Umwelt, GIT-Suplement, 5/83, Darmstadt, G-I-T Verlag Ernst Giebeler, 1983
pp. 61–62

Candida albicans, oral isolate, rice, 4days, 400-fold resolution

Candida albicans, stool isolate, rice, 7 days, 630x magnification

Candida glabrata, urine isolate, SG margin, 400x magnification, contrast

Candida tropicalis, stool isolate, rice, -5 days,400x magnification. Contrast

mykorapid; rapid diagnosis; gynaecology; yeast infections; obstetrics; "mykorapid" set; native preparation,; rapid test; rapid culture; shoot cells; pseudomycelia; genital mycosis; germ tube formation; Candida albicans; oral cavity; Candida guilliermondii; Candida krusei; Candida parapsilosis; Candida pseudotropicalis; Candida stellatoidea; Candida tropicalis; Torulopsis ; Torulopsis glabrata; Torulopsis candida; Torulopsis famata; Trichosporon; Rhodotorula; Saccharomyces cerevisiae; baker's yeast; milk mould; Geotrichum candidum; dairy products; antifungals; heat chain; vagina; liquid culture medium
„mykorapid” – mykologische Schnelldiagnostik in der Gynäkologie

Check-ups for pathogenic yeasts

Causal medical examination and treatment of pathogenic fungal infections.