Temporary diets and the importance of nutrition

The Normamed standards form the basis of every treatment that follows a Normamed check-up.


Body detox- Aid in the healing process

What ought to be eaten and why? Due to the incredible diversity of the world’s food supply, it is difficult to answer this question briefly and simply. The importance of food composition must be correctly explained and understood in order to provide meaningful support for the treatment of diseases through appropriate nutrition.

It is important to temporarily detoxify the body with a well-tolerated diet and thereby support the healing process in a natural way.

A general distinction between “healthy” or “unhealthy”, “good” or “bad” food is possible only for extreme applications. For instance, this would make a good case for debatable food: “Ecofood”, where the body is constantly burdened with raw foods that are difficult to metabolise (e.g. salads, carrots, fruit, fresh whole grains), or “junk food”, in which only fats and sugar are constantly ingested (e.g. chips, curry sausage, chocolate, lemonades with lots of sugar).

It is important to understand how food is broken down in the body, i.e. how it is actually metabolised, in order to find the right diet for each individual. Even elements of an otherwise balanced diet that are advertised as “healthy food” can cause illness in the role of terribly disruptive factors. And the opposite of the intended can happen: It can pose hindrances to healing or healing can be altogether prevented.

This gets clearer as we glance at many generic diets advertised or see people place faith in “healthy foods” when it comes to gastrointestinal diseases. If there is a lack of enzymes or intact organ functions, it means a healthy food intake is disrupted. Such and similar circumstances are often more important than generic answers to the question of what is healthy and what is not.

As poorly metabolising “healthy food” leads to disruptions, many other organ functions such as of the liver and spleen and their key function for the immune system also take a toll.


Body detox- Aid in the healing process

Hereby, measures for weight reduction or for underlying diseases (such as diabetes) are recommended. “Deficiency symptoms” should often be compensated quantitatively with the intake of additional vitamins from dietary supplements for instance.

For many other diseases, there are often contradictory recommendations for nutritional intake and diet. Such recommendations are hardly ever or practically never made with the involvement of microbiology: And this is the case even though it is safe to assume that micro-organisms or pathogens have a “special affinity” towards certain foods.

It would therefore be helpful to give a diet recommendation only after careful microbiological diagnostics and understanding mark up of pathogens. Only then does it become clear, what is healthy in each individual case and what does not serve unfavourably to multiply the pathogens.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) assumes a “flowing passage” between eating and staying healthy or becoming healthy. In Eastern medicine, food and diets together serve to improve organ functions or other functions.

Chinese chicken soups, for instance, are regarded as traditional strengthening soups. The chicken forms the basis for the strengthening, the Chinese herbs cooked with it play the role of supporting the organ functions.

Traditional Chinese medicine, however, does not take microbiological findings into account, which limits the worth of any diet of this origin. However, especially for sick people at least, a by-and-large renunciation of raw food is recommended and tolerability is given more consideration than in Western medicine.

The renouncement of “extremely sweet food” is also a widely recommended. Without any “scientific” background, this medicine as an “Eastern” medicine succeeds at promoting health better than medically prescribed “Western” diets.

In Normamed diet recommendations, the western and eastern views are combined and supplemented in important components. It is also important to take note of the preparation of food so that new infections could be avoided, with parasites for instance. For instance, the consumption of unwashed lettuce is highly problematic.

Normamed information recommended for children: Salad can be healthy, but it does not always have to be…

First of all, it closely integrates microbiology unlike all other medical approaches – here it concerns chasing after pathogens – such as parasites, pathogenic fungi and bacteria

Since certain pathogens prefer certain foods and harm the body, there is an obvious justification for the respective temporary renunciation until one is healthy again.

A diet always interferes with habits. Therefore, a diet must be observed as efficiently and as briefly as possible. Generally speaking, a varied, balanced wholefoods diet depending on one’s personal taste is the preferred diet to be aimed for. It should be inherently linked to a high quality of life for each individual.

The Normamed method connects the dots of information from anamnesis, microbiology and especially the metabolic values to bring out a “type of disease”, for which, a recommendation of temporary food composition has been developed. Just so this is done properly, an analysis and questionnaire about food intake, tolerance and intolerance is carried out for a few days.


The goal of the Normamed program’s diets differs fundamentally from Western and Far Eastern medicine. The main aim is to initially bring about an unconditional tolerance of a diet, so that soft bowel movements, diarrhoea or constipations cease to trouble, for instance. The digestion must be sustained by the components of the food such that it restores itself back to normalcy: A solid bowel movement once or twice a day without digestive problems is the goal.


Depriving pathogens of nutrition

Simultaneously, the food must be taken away from any pathogens that have been detected by the configuration of food. The food must be acclimated to the respective spleen, gallbladder and kidney function such that it is tolerated up to the maximum. Chinese medicine provides vital stimuli for this. They can also be well implemented with Western food.

Supporting digestive enzymes

Chinese medicinal herbs are used to support the most important Normamed diets in the event of certain disorders of the organs which are detected by means of Chinese diagnostics, but also by means of the Normamed mouth and throat anamnesis. This triggers the natural enzymes of digestion and further improves the tolerance of the diet food.

Creating intact digestion

The core objective of temporary diets is to restore intact digestive function as quickly and gently as possible. This substantiates as the basis for the improvement of certain organic disorders, which can hardly be treated without this procedure.

Diets are of great importance when it comes to the temporary support of a treatment. For some of these diets, there is … no alternative medication, neither in the western nor in the far-eastern medicinal practices.

Here, you will find a Normamed prescribed diet for a sensitive digestion with diarrhoea and varying stool. You may download it and give it a try. Please note: This diet does not act as a substitute for a doctor’s consultation. If you experience more severe symptoms, you should always seek medical advice immediately.

Please do not hesitate, if you would like to

with this diet. We will also be glad to advise you on how you can attain a lasting recovery following the improvement of your health

Probiotics (such as Acidophilus and Bifido cultures) are an example of the advancement of traditional Chinese medicine and Western specialist medicine: In both cases, the use of microbiology for healing purposes is little known.


Allies in the fight against harmful pathogens

According to “Chinese philosophy”, food is an element of recovery and health maintenance. If one follows this train of thought, then the individual and disease-related inclusion of modern findings of microbiology proves to be logical and consistent. This also includes probiotic cultures, which ensure a healthy intestinal flora: Bifido bacteria are allies in the fight against harmful pathogens.

If probiotics or certain lactic acid preparations are tolerated (with normal digestion or constipation), they make a crucial contribution to physical health or recovery.

Difficulties occur especially with diarrhoea or varying stool.

These wholesome and health-maintaining remedies are initially hardly tolerated in case of paste-like bowel movements or very sensitive digestion. On the contrary: Their application can lead to very severe deteriorations.

Coordination of food, tolerance and probiotics by an expert

It then depends on taking steps towards making the desired probiotics compatible again by means of a clever regulation process of the digestive processes. This is a complicated process.

A complete microbiological analysis is vital to the success of this process. Important organ functions are addressed depending on the careful diagnostics. The gallbladder, the kidneys and the spleen are particularly important for regulation.

Only the systematic combination offers the possibility of being able to tolerate probiotics again from time to time. This can also be achieved by regulating the diet: So that disturbing food components are not mistaken as the intolerance of probiotics.

It is therefore absolutely recommendable to first compile a compatible diet for sensitive digestion and integrate further components of the respective therapy only after that.


For a fast and lasting improvement of the well-being

Normamed diets and dietary recommendations are temporary measures to support treatment. They are based on the respective personal digestive disorders. They aim at a systematic regulation of the physical processes. Probiotics as well as Chinese herbs play a role in the improvement of organ functions.

Since intact digestion may bring back an intact functioning of spleen, gall bladder and kidney again, the opportunity to properly treat and eliminate other causes of ailments (like infections with pathogenic germs) is thereby supported.