Your basis for sensible treatment.

The Normamed STANDARD Check-up

We have bundled and expanded the knowledge of traditional Western specialist and laboratory medicine. We have combined it with the experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, we present to you - causal medical care. Its standards are comprehensively applied in our check-up.

You choose the Normamed STANDARD Check-up for the most accurate assessment possible of your health for a particularly thorough examination.

Go for it, if it is your intention to witness a ground breaking medical care: Your doctor should have comprehensive information available for the treatment of ailments and illnesses.

The Normamed STANDARD Check-up offers you:

  • the view of current preliminary findings and findings of your medical history, archiving, annotated inclusion in the individual steps of diagnostics
  • comprehensive, qualified and careful specimen collection in the laboratory of the medical centre (swabs and blood samples, as per individual requirements)
  • Assessment of the samples by the laboratory licensed according to the Normamed procedure.
  • the Normamed basic anamnesis with detailed questions about your current state of health, your current medical history and previous illnesses
  • the dynamic Normamed-supplementary anamnesis with detailed questions directed towards problem areas, which resulted from medical examinations, the basic anamnesis and laboratory insights
  • medical consultations for classification of the results
  • internal work- up of examinations
  • sonographic break down and supplementary examinations
  • functional diagnostic examinations
  • the use of Normamed's patent-pending mouth-throat diagnostics (a gentle self-examination of your oral mucosa, from the results of which, much important information about your metabolism and the function of your internal organs can be obtained) as a follow-up examination
  • TCM clarification and check ups (tongue and pulse diagnostics)
  • individualised nutrition and prevention recommendations (e.g. for general hygiene, for handling food, if necessary for the inclusion of metabolism stabilising measures of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Recommendations on dealing with risks of infection when living with the family and companion
  • Check-up reports, on the basis of which you can decide how to proceed
  • comprehensive, final medical discussions that help you integrate the classification of the results and treatment planning and sound medical analyses from a holistic view
  • telephonic consultation and support during the implementation.

We will be happy to send you a detailed description of the scope of services upon request.


You can book the Normamed STANDARD Check-up via the Normamed Service of the Ärztehaus Mitte situated in the Medizinzentrum Wilhelmstraße Berlin.

Please note: : The medical services according to the Normamed method are offered exclusively by doctors and naturopaths. Information about the medical execution of the check-ups can therefore be obtained directly from clinics and medical centers. Normamed itself does not offer any medical services.